4/18/18 at PNC Park: Rockies vs Pirates

For the first time in the 2018 season, the Pirates are trying a new starting game time of 12:35 PM. Quit honestly, I am not a huge fan of this time because an afternoon game following a night game, usually means no BP. But, for some weird reason, the Pirates decided to take a group of BP. Since the game starts before 6:05 PM, I could not get in until 10:35 AM, opposed to the normal two and a half hours before. I was the first one into the stadium, with nobody else in any of the outfield sections. To my surprise, the center field gate and the right field gates were open and left field was closed. I decided it would be smarter to play in center for tossups because the group composed of 3 non-power hitting lefties. In right center field was the Pirates first base coach Kimera Bartee, and in left center was Pirates manager Clint Hurdle chatting with Rockies Manager Bud Black. I decided the chances of getting Hurdle to throw up a ball would be slim to none so I decided to play towards Kimera Bartee instead. Since Bartee threw me lifetime #49 I was pretty positive he would toss one up if one came his way. Sure enough, one of the lefties drove a line drive to the wall right behind him. I politely asked him and he tossed it right to him. That ball is lifetime #85 and can be seen in this clip.

As soon as I got the tossup BP concluded. I decided to make my way to left field. At PNC Park during day games you can’t get into left field until an hour and a half before game time. I headed up to the restaurant in left field so I could be the first one down in the left field bleachers. It turns out that being first paid off, as Pirates new pitching coach Justin Meccage tossed a ball to me. But, unfortunately he under-threw me by about 4 foot. The ball helplessly fell onto the warning track. I was going to use the glove trick then realized I forgot my rope! As a result, I waited until a stadium worker came out for about 10 minutes. I ended up missing the Rockies pitchers throwing and ended up missing out on a commemorative! Luckily, one of the stadium workers eventually came out and ended up tossing it up to me. The ball pictured below is #86 lifetime and the tossup can be seen in this clip.

I headed over to the 1st base line where the Rockies pitchers were throwing and I barely missed them. However, I ended up seeing Rockies pitcher Chad Bettis signing some autographs. I maneuvered my throw the seats and ended up coming away with this beauty.

Chad Bettis.jpg_large

Nobody came out until about 20 minutes till game time, where I went to center field to try to get starting pitcher, Kyle Freeland’s warm-up ball. It seemed I was the only fan with a Rockies cap on in center field, which made me excited because I knew it would be the first Rockies commemorative of the season. Unfortunately, they ran into the bullpen without even looking for a fan to throw to.


I decided I would sit up in right field to play for a home run. I also went for tossups in between innings and was unsuccessful. The final score was 10-2 Pirates, with two home runs hit into left field. Bummer.



  • 2 balls at this game
  • 19 balls in 6 games this season.
  • 22 consecutive games with at least one ball
  • 1 game ball this season (homerun or foul)
  • 4 game balls lifetime (homerun or foul)
  • 86 total balls